A few people asked me about the houseboat in my previous post, I’ve answered them privately, but I think maybe someone is interested in that as well……

Delonariel converted the ts3 houseboat hulls to ts2.

I just follow the instructions to build the houseboat and make it a small restaurant. :)



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Anonymous said: Hi! When i take a picture in the sims (GIMP) and then i edit the picture, a little see pl. the sim arms, not enough smooth or i dont know but, my settings in the highest ! I hope you understand what im want to say you:)

You mean jagged edges?…I think it’s due to the graphics card performance. But I’m afraid I can’t be much help of your problem, I don’t know much about technical-knowledge of computer. Maybe you can try submitting your question to sims FAQ, or look through their “Question Archives”, there’s a “Technical Issues” section. :)

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